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About Us - Our Mission and Objectives

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The US Naval Sailing Association – USNSA – is an organization of military-affiliated, predominantly Navy members, formed to promote fleet readiness, develop professionalism, develop a competitive spirit, and impart a love of the sea and skills that may be used in recreational opportunities throughout a life time using small craft training programs. We also encourage and assist Commanding Officers in promoting boating and sailing as part of their training and recreational programs. These missions are carried out through individual members and branches established on or near military bases worldwide.

Navy Sailing's mission:

To develop:

  • Leadership
  • Seaman's Eye
  • Team Unity
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Lifelong Connection to the Sea

To accomplish our mission, Navy Sailing:

  • Trains instructors for Navy sail programs
  • Promotes awareness of Navy Sailing
  • Establishes and Maintains the qualification system
  • Assists in providing recreational sailing vessels
  • Promotes fleet readiness
  • Promotes personal professionalism
  • Promotes leadership and team work
  • Develops competitive spirit


Navy Sailing's objectives:

  • To promote fleet readiness and personal professionalism and to strengthen naval ties to our national maritime heritage through small craft training programs
  • To augment and reinforce the professional training of prospective naval officers by sail training, thus providing hands-on, sea-and-wind experience.
  • To encourage and assist Commanding Officers in promotion of boating and sailing as a part of their training and recreational programs
  • To encourage the organization of local Branches of the Association throughout the naval service
  • To encourage and establish liaison between members of the Association and local yacht clubs and sailing associations at home and abroad
  • To encourage local authorities to provide berthing, launching, storage, and repair facilities in naval establishments for members’ boats